the realistic fashionista

Everybody has an addiction- mine is making others look even better.

Hello my name is Allison and I'm a shopaholic.

I’m the first to admit, I’m addicted to shopping. I love the feel of a new outfit- cute shoes, nice bag, statement jewlery. I love it all. I mean who doesn’t love getting complimented daily on how they look? And what you wear is a part of that, but it gets to a point when you have to re-evalute. I am not what I wear or what I buy or how many of them I own. Well, maybe I sort of am, but it does not define me. Just because it sparkles, doesn’t mean you need it. What worked best for me to curb my habits, aside from being financially forced to:

1- Organize what you do have. The container store is making a killing, but honestly, if you are not organized, you will wind up with six grey cardigans (no names). 

2- Think hard about why you are buying it. Do you reallllly need it? Do you have anything else like it? Do you really LOVE it? I had a knack for buying cardigans for a long while. Working in retail did not help. But the one day I realized that the length matters. So no matter how cool that one color is in a shorter cardigan, I haven’t slipped once because I KNOW I WILL NEVER WEAR IT. 

3- Figure out the ten pieces that are staples for you. Depending on your lifestyle, there are things you are buying that are not worth it and also other things you should invest in more. 

4- Can you wear it many times and many ways? Aside from say, a wedding dress, if it can’t be worn multiple times, IT IS WORTHLESS.

5- Pay cash. Hurts to see it go out of your hand so fast! Much more real than a swipe of a card.